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Synergistic Press was founded in 1968, publishing an eclectic list of titles that would have "slipped through the cracks" at larger, more traditional publishing companies. It has matured into an innovative independent publisher producing attractively designed and printed titles appealing to a wide range of reader interests.

Dying Unafraid tells the inspiring stories of individuals who faced death without fear, offering hope and encouragement to those about them. Equally inspiring is My ABC Book of Cancer, written and drawn by a 10-year-old cancer patient.

Old Dogs Remembered is an anthology of non-fiction and poems by 45 writers doing just that, reminiscing about a dog or dogs once important to that writer. Described by a reviewer as "an inspiring, quirky, wonderful anthology", it collects an amazing range of literature on a common theme from nearly two centuries.

We have humor (Some Observations on the Diseases of Brunus edwardii -- that's Latin for teddy bear -- and The Ombibulous Mr. Mencken), sport (What Is This Madness?), Paris (Paris Alive and Not a Station But a Place), art (those two plus Last Look at the Old Met) and The Ecotopian Sketchbook), proletarian literature/biography (Bastard in the Ragged Suit), bibilographic memoirs (Never in Doubt: Stories of Earl Moreland) and the lusty, loving poems of a former nun (Wide-Ons).

And, although this eclectic list focuses on non-fiction, we have the compelling, poignant novel Baby's Breath.

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