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Dying Unafraid by Fran Moreland Johns

"He might well have been wrong from time to time--although most of the time he was right--but he was never in doubt," Ladell Payne, the 13th president of Randolph-Macon College, says of J. Earl Moreland who preceded him in that position. "He was cocky--not arrogant, not boistrous or bullying, but cocky--because he had a reasonable appreciation of himself and what he could do and he had no doubt whatsoever about the rightness of the cause."

Never in Doubt is the biographical recollections about a Texas farmboy, son of a circuit-riding Methodist preacher, who was in the first class enrolled at Southern Methodist University. He went to Brazil where, as an educational missionary, he co-founded and was the second president of Porto Alegre College (Instituto Porto Alegre). After returning to the U.S. he became president of a floundering Randolph-Macon College (Ashland, VA) in 1939, kept it afloat during the war years and then built it--from a standpoint of enrollment, reputation, physical plant and financial stability--until his retirement in 1968.

"Never in Doubt is the perfect title. Dr. Moreland never doubted for a moment his world was headed in the right direction and everything would turn out perfectly. With what great enthusiasm he swept us all along! Since my wife Ann grew up in and out of the Moreland household as his Fifth Daughter (we learned later there were at least 5 or 6 Fifth Daughters all together), we've been privileged to keep up with this intelligent, lively dynasty down through the generations. The spirit lives." Charles McDowell, Jr., long-time political writer and columnist for The Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch and panelist on PBS-TV's Washington Week in Review.

Fran Moreland Johns, Earl Moreland's youngest daughter, was born in Brazil where her parents were educational missionaries. She grew up in Virginia and spent her adult life in the Southeast until 1992 when she switched coasts and moved to San Francisco. She has written extensively for newspapers and magazines and is the author of Dying Unafraid.

$10.00 Paperback, 88 pages
ISBN 0-912184-14-0

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